English Information

To inform my international readers about my work, I've added some information in english.

some general facts

picture/foto: Antje Babendererde

Born in Jena, Germany in 1963, I have been a freelance author since 1996. I'm particularly interested in American Indian culture. After intensive travels to the USA and visits to various Indian reservations, I published a number of novels focusing on that topic. For adults at Merlin Publishing House and for juveniles at Arena Publishing House. In 2007 I have been awarded the DeLia prize for “Dragonfly Summer”.

The Arena Publishing House says:
Antje Babendererde is a phenomenon: Her novels and her characters conquer the hearts of her readers with her unique flavour. Her books are read by both children and adults. She sets her love stories in wonderful locations, for example the beach of La Push – prominent through the Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer.

The Merlin Publishing House says:
Drawing her inspiration from frequent stays among the Lakota, Cheyenne, Navajo, Cree and Makah, she is the author of several successful novels for adults and children taking place in Indian Reservations. Antje Babendererde lives with her family in Thuringia, Germany.