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Starlight blues: in the coldness of the night

orig. german cover: Starlight Blues

orig. book cover

The first detective novel by Antje Babendererde with the Indian detective Adam Cameron

Adam Cameron is a private detective who – unfortunately for his family – dedicates himself mainly to hopeless cases in the Indian community.
The case Blueboy leads him to Winnipeg, where the young Indian Daniel died ten years ago in an unexplained way: his brother Robert still can’t believe in a tragic accident. Daniel was found frozen in the snow outside from the city, lightly dressed, after having escaped from a youth detention centre. Why did the young boy wear just one shoe? For Adam Cameron, the search for explanations reveals itself much more dangerous as he thought …

Based on a true story.

orig. title “Starlight Blues. In der Kälte der Nacht” | 344 pages | Merlin Hardcover | published 2009 | EUR 19,50 | ISBN 978-3-87536-271-8

The Whale Catcher

orig. german cover: The Whale Catcher

orig. book cover

The conflicting revival of the traditional whale catching is the setting of a captivating relationship between a Makah Indian and an American ecologist

After eighty years of interruption, the Makah Indians are for the first time allowed to catch whales in a traditional way again. In the reservation, the biologist Irina fights beside ecologists against the revival of what they consider a cruel tradition. For the Indians, this is an opportunity of spiritual renewal and of preservation of their identity.
In a tensed atmosphere of violent protests and threads of murders, Irina meets her ex husband Micah, who is one of the chosen hunters. Meanwhile, in New York, her boyfriend Robert still waits for an answer to his wedding proposal…

orig. title “Der Walfänger” | 440 pages | Merlin Paperback | published 2008 | EUR 12,80 | ISBN 978-3-87536-268-8

“Seeing the emotional confusions of the protagonist one could nearly forget that this book talks about a taboo.” – die tageszeitung

“The book exploits a foreign world, of which we certainly knew the existence before reading it. Afterwards, the comprehension of a life that is completely different than ours is growing.” – Nordkurier

Wounded Land

orig. german cover: Wounded Land

orig. book cover

An exciting road-movie and a delightful love story which make us discover a foreign world

Ellen, a young German woman, works for an international supporters group in the Lakota Reservation Pine Ridge. There, the attractive Lakota Tom is responsible for her. Nevertheless, Ellen encounters repeated difficulties with Indians who reject the help of
foreigners, in particular when these undertake delicate researches…
By accident, Ellen witnesses a failed murder and rescues the victim named Keenan. Although she soon finds out that Keenan is suspected of murder and realises that he is a personal enemy of Tom, Ellen trusts him and helps him escaping to Canada …

orig. title “Wundes Land” | 320 pages | Merlin Paperback | published 2006 | EUR 9,80 | ISBN 978-3-87536-252-7

“Really one of these books which one reads throughout with curiosity and thrill. A real reading pleasure.” – Bücherschau

The Search

orig. german cover: The Search

orig. book cover

With the mysterious disappearance of a little boy, an eventful love story begins

In an Indian reservation in the lakes area of Ontario (Canada), Jem is desperate: his nein years-old son Stevie has not turned back from playing in the forest. While the police comb the reservation ground, a social worker named Canyon first suspects the father, who brings up his child alone, to have neglected his supervision duty. But Jem and Canyon are going to get closer while doing everything to find Stevie back….

Is there a connection between Jem’s struggle against a powerful Japanese paper company and the loss of his son?

orig. title “Die Suche” | 353 pages | Merlin Hardcover | published 2003 | EUR 19,50 | ISBN 3-87536-238-1

“This Novel provides good entertainment for cold autumn afternoons” – Uckermark Kurier